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Watch this video for details about this year's Southern Lights: The Search for a Star
MaKenna Patton
Anthony Severson & Baylee Steele
Grace Lockhart
Wayne Arnold
Abby Lewis
Kiera Howell
Michael Anthony
McKenna Young
Jasper Helms
Kaymen Baker
Ember Newsome
Matt Russell
Jack Brawley
Moriah Chapman
Travis Spurlock
Kristen & Casey
Dylan Kelley
Maddie Grace & Scott
Marquez Quinn
Ami Gussie Russ
Lizzy Simmons
Braylin Smith
Crews Wright
Brielle Sands
John Wimberly
Aireal Lopez
Abbie Stanley
Ava Watt
Tom Wiley
Mason Carter
Suzette Barns
Charles Crooks
Julienna Rimer
Ami-Grace Hall
Salena Cosson
Jessica Stephens
Savannah Martin
William Martin
Keith Ward & Brady Tomlinson
David Camperman
Paris Southerland
Jimmy Thompson
2022 Prize Packs
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